Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Batteling My Own Ego

Alright, many people have an ugly little thing called an ego, pride and such. Now...take that a step further, when you have a talent for something your ego gets elevated; you end up having spouts of cockiness, maybe not intentional but it happens. Now my thing is this, I've always tried to be humble as can be...but these past couple of days have had me really talking my shit. Lol. Not so much to other people, but to myself...if that makes sense. I'll write some shit that I'm thinking is hot and I'll pop up and proclaim it to my air space. I guess it's like a quiet cockiness.
But..many a time I've caught myself almost saying it aloud to people! That contradicts what I aim for. So why am I suddenly feeling this need to say I'm good? Even writing this I feel arrogant, but I'm not though, or am I? Nah, I can't be. And in the event I was cocky how would I deflate that? Is that possible? Or would I just have to mask it? So many questions...so many ambiguous answers.