Friday, July 23, 2010

"Re-locating Will Allow Me a Fresh Slate"

Sometimes I actually reflect on my own lyrics. I think back to the moments when I wrote them and what I was feeling while writing. It's always interesting when new events happen that bring new light to lyrics I wrote months ago, making them relevant again, possibly even more relevant than ever before. "I would like to every female I ever hurt/I didn't mean to be a jerk/and some say I need church" - Letter of Intent. These lyrics stand out to me now. [Sidebar-her last words to me were "I shouldn't have texted you lately, I played myself, please don't text me"] When questions about my treatment of the women in my life come up and questions about my spirituality arise, the above stated lines play across my mind like messages on sports blimps.

I came up with a theory the other day, a philosophy [Sidebar-I'll be majoring in the course this fall]. In an attempt to define what a "bad guy" is, or villain, jerk, etc. First, we must disregard the obvious, I.E. legal, societal precedents, those are always in play, but everything other than that is gray area. And this is where things get interesting:

"A man will be considered a "bad" or "villainous" or a "whatever-adjective-meaning-bad-person" person when what he does does not fall in line with the accuser's own personal interest and motives."

One can compare this to something along the lines of "one man's trash is another man's treasure".

The problem is that people must learn to remove themselves from the situation and look at it from almost a third party perspective, and see things for how concrete they are as well as from the other person's view point. It is only then that a rational decision and state of mood can be created.

In a month's time I'll be long gone, forgotten by some, some will want to forget me, some will try to never forget me, but I will be out of sight. Distance will provide a "fresh slate" for me, and wash away what others will dub my "bad deeds" or "grimy actions". But distance will also provide time and mind for reflection, possibly thinking back and altering opinions.

"Always apologize for hurting someone's feelings, but only apologize for your actions if you mean it"

Regardless of what lifestyle you lead, and actions you make, you WILL anger someone. So we must all prepare ourselves for enemies, opponents, and angry persons. Its a part of life.

Lets make this hip-hop thing happen bee-tee-dub. =] But um...

..."I think I'll go to Boston...
I think I'll start a new life,
I think I'll start it over, where no one knows my name"
- from the song "Boston" by Augustana