Saturday, June 27, 2009

Underneath the Red Umbrella

We title it..."George Clooney"- Skillz & Saz.E

Me and my guy, Skillz doing our thing on this old Gorillaz beats. This is...last summer shit? Yea! Last summer. Enjoy. He starts it off.

George Clooney.mp3 - FTD

Friday, June 26, 2009


I was recently asked why I seem to love writing about heartbreak,
and failed relationships.
The weird thing is...I don't know. Thoughts on the topic just often hit my brain up and I jot down the thoughts.
I often like to write to give people things to relate to. One issue I see a lot of in my
is failing of relationshps. I'm an outlet. But, yes. It is a complex
question because my relationship is great. I don't know.... I wish I could
ask myself

"Star" by Saz.E

Awww, I was so young. =] Early '08 shit. It's me doin' what I do on The Root's Star. I appologize for letting the beat ride out for like 2 minutes. lol.

Star.mp3 - Saz.É

Hollywood Divorce

(I wrote this shit when I was in the library. For some strange reason I began to think that I'll lose if I let all this reading and shit cloud my brain. Lol. So...while I was listening to "Hollywood Divorce" by Outkast I took it upon myself to write to the beat, just to keep me on my toes. =] Enjoy)

Hollywood Divorce

I used to love her...she used to share the same the same thoughts
Don't know what happened...but pain became the main course... love's dinning room table
I'm able... say it wasn't all bad, at least all the time.
And you painted me out to be the borderline...
...worst person in the world, which is horrifyin'
Well..ok... I guess that ain't completely the opposite of true
but if the topic isn't you...'d flip out
you want to be the center of the universe.
you'd turn bitch if I ever put the music first
But honey this is my life style
You don't want to fit inside my life style

so I'm like "wow"

Time to bow...

..out off the stage and the crowd want they money back

well, I kind of want my honey back
the girl I met three years ago
here's a one way ticket out my life, here ya go

Then you start screamin', yellin' in public
Saying I'm no longer the man you fell in love with
Saying you can find much better than me so fuck this
Saying every time we touched you felt nothin'
Well, I guess the end of us could be a good thing
and this chapter closin' on my love life could bring
some time to myself... figure out what I want

I won't front
I don't even know.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Harvard Experience: Day 2 was my second day of class. was bigger than that. Today was my first day commuting on the train/subway line. As I predicted...the boy got lost. lol. I waisted money on tickets and shit. I'll be good next week though. I got into Harvard sqare around 8:30. I hit up the starbucks and checked out the book store. Oh! Open mic next tuesday..I'm in there. =] I went to the library's one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever been in. Saucey as fuck! I would have taken pics but...the sign said no pics allowed. I went to class and class was cool as always.

I have a task for you. Define what a chair is.
Oh, I got lost after class too on the train/subway line again. FML. I'll be cool though. It actually didn't rain in Boston today. The sun brightened my day =] Oh! and I wrote two brand new verses while in the library....just trying to keep Saz.E's skills sharp! IIght, check back in later. Deauces

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Harvard Experience: Day 1 I had my first day of philosophy at Harvard University, I'm in the summer program and all. It was cool, my professor is Aundreas Teuber . We discussed the "trolley problem" (I'll explain below) today. and we also learned about the principle of double effect: if something is a bi-product of an intended action than it can be justified. Wow...this is all just the tip of the iceberg. Let's get it poppin!
Class was like 3 hours, I got lost on my way there. lol. Harvard is like one small town. Ahhh, there's so much opportunity here, I need to find time to take pics. Two things I'm worried about: taking the train and finding a good barbershop. lol. Oh yea, I hope all this work (AP Lit, Drama, and Harvard) don't kill me. =] I miss Jersey though.

Trolly Problem:

You are the driver of a trolly (train type shit) and your breaks fail. There are 5 workers on the track, the walls are too high for them to escape. There is one worker on the safety track to the right, this track can be accessed by pulling a lever. Do you let the trolly kill the 5 workers, or pull the lever and kill the one worker on the safety track? There's multiple varriants on this scenario.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Really Like This Song

School Day-1

Ugh, the school day is about to start and shit. Honestly I'm really over this year. Junior year was tough and all but productive. Let's get this Harvard summer right. Any way, school is a lot more than education. I spend a lot of time people watching, observing and shit. So... the thing I don't quite get is why shit is the way it is. Why is it the girls ONLY flock to the so-called fly niggas as opposed to chaps with bright futures? Why do dudes only aim for the girls with the assets, and let this be known....yet mami's still want to rock with them. Lol. I wish I could see what makes them tick, read they mind and shit but....I can't. I have more thoughts on all this but um...I can't remember them all at this time. Haha. But yea, I'll check back in.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Start Up =]

So this new internet age, I decided to start a blog myself. Hello, folks. The name is Saz.E.Any way. I'm an artists, aspiring at least. I just need a chance. You feel me? It's hard because EVERYBODY raps now. Lol. Oh well. I like my odds,'s what ever, pay attention!! I'll keep you posted and all.