Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Season Finale

I've always chose to think of my life as a sitcom. I find that it passes the days easier, and in a more entertaining manner. If one looks at the basic framework of a sitcom, you of course have characters, they are essential. Now...if one follows television, you'll notice sometimes characters don't return for the next season. Whether or not they're killed off, or they just so happen to move to Seattle or something like that, they are no longer part of that main characters life or the show period. They'll get their own spin off somewhere. Lol. But since I look at my life in this manner, I have to understand that some characters feel the need to leave my show. They have bigger and better things they want to pursue. Perhaps they want to move to films, or a more promising network. Who am I, as the creator, director, and producer as well, to stop them from doing what they feel is "better"? Not my place at all.

You can lay the facts out on the table, clearly in the contract, but if they don't want to sign for season 5 then you have to respect their decisions. Will it hurt the show's ratings? Only time will tell. Will the other cast and crew members recover well? Only time will tell. As the show's creator, I can only wish them and myself good luck and good night.

I cannot see the future. Sometimes shows have reunion specials...

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