Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Summer: Verse 1

I've been putting together this next mixtape (Invincible Tomorrow), and I wrote a song entitled "Last Summer", which tackles the idea of fading love, loss of chemistry, and the hurt associated with both. It's a very near and dear song to me, written from the heart, written from experience, and tonight made me decide to throw up just the first verse from the song along with a line from the chorus that hits home with me. I'm going to write a poem along with the song to accompany it, kind of like an epilogue for the song. I hope you enjoy. The mixtape is in the working stages.

Last Summer: Verse 1

When I left I told her I had the mind of an, I'll never forget her
And I'll be back in the nearest December
Things'll be like old times, before I left back in August
You'll always have my heart regardless...
She told me "Saz, you gon' change on me"
I told her "never, I'll always be the same only...
if you keep in touch with me
still fuck with me
and I promise we gon' re-up
and heat up...
the world"
you're the girl of my dreams
but they say you forget your dreams 5 seconds after waking up.
So was this past summer
just a long slumber?
Am I doomed to forget what we had in the past
no looking back?
or can I defy the stencil
you're essential for me to keep keeping
I'ma weakling
Without the memories of our lustful evenings
Believe me, I ain't sure if it's without a choice
Could this...inevitability be up for debate
I'm such a mistake
You fuckin' with a guy with a fickle mind.
Well, not fickle...
maybe secular
A man of the world
My memory lapse is gon' damage this girl.

~"I'll never forget the last summer, that was the summer for us..."~

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