Thursday, June 25, 2009

Harvard Experience: Day 2 was my second day of class. was bigger than that. Today was my first day commuting on the train/subway line. As I predicted...the boy got lost. lol. I waisted money on tickets and shit. I'll be good next week though. I got into Harvard sqare around 8:30. I hit up the starbucks and checked out the book store. Oh! Open mic next tuesday..I'm in there. =] I went to the library's one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever been in. Saucey as fuck! I would have taken pics but...the sign said no pics allowed. I went to class and class was cool as always.

I have a task for you. Define what a chair is.
Oh, I got lost after class too on the train/subway line again. FML. I'll be cool though. It actually didn't rain in Boston today. The sun brightened my day =] Oh! and I wrote two brand new verses while in the library....just trying to keep Saz.E's skills sharp! IIght, check back in later. Deauces

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