Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Harvard Experience: Day 1

Sooo....today I had my first day of philosophy at Harvard University, I'm in the summer program and all. It was cool, my professor is Aundreas Teuber . We discussed the "trolley problem" (I'll explain below) today. and we also learned about the principle of double effect: if something is a bi-product of an intended action than it can be justified. Wow...this is all just the tip of the iceberg. Let's get it poppin!
Class was like 3 hours, I got lost on my way there. lol. Harvard is like one small town. Ahhh, there's so much opportunity here, I need to find time to take pics. Two things I'm worried about: taking the train and finding a good barbershop. lol. Oh yea, I hope all this work (AP Lit, Drama, and Harvard) don't kill me. =] I miss Jersey though.

Trolly Problem:

You are the driver of a trolly (train type shit) and your breaks fail. There are 5 workers on the track, the walls are too high for them to escape. There is one worker on the safety track to the right, this track can be accessed by pulling a lever. Do you let the trolly kill the 5 workers, or pull the lever and kill the one worker on the safety track? There's multiple varriants on this scenario.

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