Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sometimes I kick back and listen to instrumentals and start spittin some shit to 'em. Then I take a break from being Saz.E rapping Saz.E's lyrics, and re-become Osa listening to Saz.E's lyrics. I think I'm a talented guy or whatever when it comes to that whole..."I write and perform lyrics" shit, I'm pretty damn good. So..then I start thinking again, how exactly can I let the world in on my abilities? How can I make something of all this, all these lyrics, all these schemes?
The thing is...I don't even know. It seems that there's no sure fire method of becoming "poppin'". You know? There's no formula to follow. I look around and see all these young guys doing there thing, Drake and the XXL class of '09 and shit and I want that. I want the covers, the features on people's songs, the google results, the legions of fans. I want that status. I want to transcend just rap shit, I want multiple genre lovers to love me.
Let me get the grammys, let me get the number one sales opening week, let me get all that and more. But most importantly...I want to keep my integrity over the course of gaining all that. So...let Saz.E pop. I started working out a master plan with my good friend, and...I want to actually write it down and shit. So umm....I've got some years before I die. I shall try my best. Pray for me.

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