Friday, July 17, 2009

So...I am nuts. =]

My girlfriend thinks I'm a lunatic. She thinks I have multiple personalities. I think she's right, actually. Lol. It's like I have multiple characters sharing a home in my one brain and they sometimes make their appearance in a tourettes-like fashion.
For starters!: there's the overtly ignorant thug, there's the really flamboyantly gay guy, there's the adolescent teenage girl and there's the silently aggressive psychopath, just to name a few, and supplemented Joker impersonations follow suit.
So, I ask myself if I have control over this. I'm often asked to stop but it seems like I can't. It scares me a little bit, now that I think about it...
Am I ok? Oh well! Being a weird ass, multi-personalitied person is what makes me me. =] Irony.

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