Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Cut, dry and simple: Not everybody cares about it like I do. Especially my music.
I guess I always had some kind of warped notion that most people close to me harbored a certain level of care and concern for my craft, but I'm wrong, you know? I have this annoying little habit of calling people up and saying "I got new raps, want to hear them?" As if they REALLY give a fuck. They say "yea" or whatever, I rap, they say something along the lines of "good one" or "nice" things of that nature but I'm slowly's likely that more often than not they probably don't care.
So why the fuck do I call? Like, I'm being somewhat selfish to waist these people's time, right? I guess it gives me opportunity to practice and slowly memorize the verses. But maybe my ego makes me call as well. Maybe subconsciously I'm calling because I want to hear something along the lines of "wow, that was amazing" or "you ARE the next big thing". That'd be egotistic though, so I can't be aware of that. But we can address my alleged ego in a different session.
So bottom line, I'm only going to call and rap to some folks because really.....most niggas don't give a fuck about anything I do rap wise, nothing will matter until I'm on and shit, I guess. For obvious reasons. THIS IS NOT A SHOT AT ANYONE!! I'm just speaking my peace. It ain't ya'll fault, it's mine, I had the wrong idea is all. Peace!

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