Sunday, July 12, 2009

So-called relationships =]

How can one judge a so-called "good" or "strong" relationship. Some people base it purely off of the numbers. That doesn't necessarily prove anything. Two people can stay together
despite hating each other. Correct? I think it's a combination. That couple that argues one minute but gets right back to boo loving? They shows relationship strength. Me and my girl fight from time to time, often over dumb shit, but within a few hours things are all good again. I love this. It gives me a certain feeling of confidence in us. We been going at it for about 9 months now still seems like things are mad fresh. There are never any stale moments between us.
On some real shit, it seems too...fanciful to be happening. It's because of this apparent bliss I can say our relationship is a good one. And because of our "fight-makeup" capabilities I dub us a strong couple as well. So what more could you ask for? I'm not writing this to be all mushy or some shit, I'm just throwing out some real thoughts. I feel like she holds me
down. (Positive thing. Lol.)
My relationships that have been "successful" to some degree all had one common thread. I felt as if I had a real home base within the girl, I could go to bed sure that my significant other was out there in her crib harboring deep love for me. With Miss J. I get that and then some.

She often questions if I'm in love with her. It's understandable, I guess, because it's a term so loosely thrown around now a days. My thing is this, the feeling of "being in love" is exactly what it is, a feeling. I can't describe it to you, baby. I just feel it. If I'm not believed it's cool, I guess.
Iight, I'ma leave it riiiiiiight...there. =]

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